587-124_d1 Now you can get free money or services with our referral program. For every new customer you send us, we will automatically send you a referral certificate that can be used toward cash or services. The certificate is valid for one year. It can be used for any of our services. It is just as good as cash.

We know you recommend family and friends to great restaurants, films or books; we also believe you refer family and friends to great services as well. Through our referral program we would like to say, thank you, for your support with a referral certificate. We know that your opinion is more valuable to your friends and family, than ours.  For each new client we receive from your referral we will give you a percentage of their first cleaning cost. Thank you for helping us make Henry County homes become a cleaner and happier place.

Remember Mobley’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning does a fantastic job of cleaning commercial carpet, upholstery, hard floor surfaces, counter tops, and fabric partitions; and all of our work is guaranteed.