We can help you with the initial and ongoing maintenance of your floors. We use a professional and premium floor care system designed to help seal, protect and intensify the surface of your hard floors. Giving you the floor you want and protecting your investment. Here is how we clean your hard floors.

Step 1. We will deep scrub your floor to completely remove the wax over-spray as well as any products that you have tried over the years to clean and shine your laminate/hardwood floors.  The deep scrub is a mild stripper and will remove everything down to the original aluminum oxide on laminate or polyurethane finish on hardwoods.

*Step 2. We will apply a protective/restoration layer that will adhere to the finish on your floors. This will seal the floor and provide variable gloss levels depending on the number of coats applied.  This seal then provides you with peace of mind from water spills, tracking and footprints and makes the floors easier to maintain.

*Step 3. Optional for Laminate, Wood, LVT and VCT Floors – We can provide you with a Buff Dry Cleaner and Revitalizer to be used as a maintenance product that you use to clean your floors on a regular basis and to revitalize the beautiful shine.  You may use it as often as you like because unlike other hard surface cleaners on the market today, it won’t build up any unwanted residue that collects more dirt and dulls your floor.

*Step 4. Touch up for Laminate, Wood, LVT and VCT Floors – The protective coating will need to be reapplied approximately every 1 -2 years – depending on the traffic in your home. Heavy traffic areas might need to be touched up more often.  Which is hassle free with this system. Touching up areas that no longer shine because of heavy traffic can be done whenever you need it. You don’t have to redo the whole floor. The protective process blends in with the rest of the floor. You can’t tell where it has been reapplied it, this makes it easy to maintain and easy to keep your floor looking great.


Steps 2, 3, and 4 are not necessary or needed for stone or tile floors. Just a good scrub and rinse is needed to get them clean. Check out Grout Cleaning & Sealing to see how we can clean and seal your grout, making your tile floor even cleaner.Scabos-French-Pattern-Travertine-Floor-with-Coordinating-Bac

Grout Cleaning & Sealing

Yes we can get your tile floors clean, don’t think we will forget the grout. They are important too, in making sure your floors stay clean and great looking! In addition, we can seal and color seal your grout lines so they can last and look great longer, and they will be even easier to clean afterwards!

To see more of what we can do for your stone and grout check out www.mobleysstonecare.com.

Mobley’s Stone Care can take care of your Granite, Marble, Slate, and Travertine counter tops, floors, and showers.