living-room-carpetBoth of our carpet cleaning methods include Pre-Vacuuming, Pre-Treatment, and odor treatment. Daniel and Clyde will make sure that the best cleaning method is applied to the needs of your carpet. In both cleaning methods we use the same low residue and soap free products to clean your carpets.

In addition, after each cleaning we will check and cleanup any remaining spots, while we rake your carpet (this helps your carpet dry faster and look nicer). If you would like to help your carpet stay nice looking ask about our carpet protector, which will protect your carpet up to a year (with normal traffic), and help get rid of future spots easier.

Dry Fast Deep Cleaning (1-2 hours to dry*)

Our favorite cleaning method. After we pre-treat your carpet we will use our oscillating machine to agitate and deep scrub the carpet leaving the soil loosened from the carpet fibers. Then the soil will be absorbed into our cleaning pads, leaving your carpet nice and clean. Ask Daniel or Clyde and they will show you the cleaning pads and you can see for yourself how much soil they removed from your carpet.  

The one to two hour drying time is made possible by the encapsulation method, which uses a cleaning solution that will pull away soil particles away from carpet fibers and encase them, which you can vacuum up after 24hrs after our cleaning.

Steam Cleaning (4-6 hours to dry*)

After our pre-treatment we will rinse your carpet and pull up the loosened soil in your carpet.

*Note: in order for your carpet to dry as fast as possible air must be moving in the room. Also if it is raining outside it is possible that it may take a little longer for the carpet to dry.

Note: It is important to at least to clean your carpet once a year, although if you have children, pets, or walk on your carpet often, you should consider cleaning your carpet more often. Just because you do not see the soil it does not mean it is not there.