Volkswagen-GTI-interiorKeeping your car’s interior clean and well maintained is important. Dirt contributes to the wear and tear of your cars fabric and carpet. Frequent vacuuming removes much of this dirt. You should vacuum the interior (including the seats) each time you wash your car.

We thoroughly vacuum the interior of your automobile.

We pre-treat your car with a special solution designed to break down and loosen the dirt particles attached to your car’s carpet and fabric. We can include a deodorizer and freshener with this step if desired at no additional charge.

We pre-treat any areas we think might need additional treatment.

Next we extract and rinse with a no residue rinse. We make many passes to extract as much liquid as we can, this allows your car to dry in one to two hours. (If you have to drive before completely dry we do recommend sitting on a thick towel.)

We check for any problem areas and do additional spot treatment on those areas.

Another additional service is applying protector to the upholstery of the car, and cleaning and protecting the vinyl.